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Realme X Review | Tech Hasan Mithu

Realme X ReviewRealme X is one of the best budget range smartphone. Realme X smartphone comes with very good features at low prices.

Today we will talk about the good and bad aspects of Realme xIn today's article, I will know everything about Realme X. So let's start without delay.

Realme x Review

Realme X Review

This mobile has two colorful evallibles, one is space blue and white color. This mobile phone has a plastic build set and the front of the screen contains Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Realme x Review

Looking at the right side of the mobile, you can see that the power button is given at a Golden accent. And the primary camera behind it is also given the Golden accent.

Also on the right there is a dual Nano Sim slot, there is no option to put any HD card. The volume rocker on the left, there is a USB type C charging cable, the primary microphone, a speaker grill and villa z 3.5mm audio jack.

And above it is a secondary microphone with pop-up selfie camera. I'm in front of 6.53 inch Full HD + display and this display is full view display and there is no notch above the display.

The fingerprint scanner of this mobile has been brought to the display. Fingerprint scanners on the mobile are a lot faster. Many are fast mobile openers.

Realme X Mobile Camera

And this mobile primary camera is 48 MP and 5 MP, Depth Sensor. And the secondary camera of this mobile is Motorized pop-up 16 MP. And with him LED flash and HDR.

Battery of the mobile is very good. 3765 mAh Battery is really cool. and Fast battery charging 20W: 55% in 30 min (VOOC 3.0).

Realme X Mobile Ram and Rom

Sensor available in this mobile is Fingerprint (under display), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass. Ram of the mobile is 4GB, 6GB, 8GB. Memory Internal 64 GB, 128 GB.

This mobile processor Qualcomm SDM710 Snapdragon 710. This is amazing Android phone for budget.

This is a little review for Realme X  budget smartphone. If you like this article so do share this article for Your social media sites.

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Top New Android Apps june 2019

Top New Android Apps june 2019 | new month calls for a fresh new start, especially when it comes to a New Android application. Just like last month, the list for June 2019 packs several interesting apps. From a amazing new screenshot app to a smart gallery app, we have them all.

Top New Android Apps june 2019
Top New Android Apps june 2019

If you have been looking for new and Powerful Android apps that were released in the last few months, you have come to the right place.

 So Now i am talk about Top New Android Apps june 2019. Those applications are free and fresh. There are thousands of Android App Updates in the Play Store every day. From there, talk about some new Android apps June 2019

Top New Android App June 2019

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Tor Browser

Guys i am sure You have heard about this application before. 

Top New Android Apps june 2019
Top New Android Apps june 2019

Before the Tor browser application was used only on the computer but now it is available on Android mobile and available.

 Tor browser application hides your particular IP address. And keep your data package hidden.

You can use this application if you want an emergency or any recesses that need to be off the record or a website you want to visit off the record. 

This app will be used only for good work and we will not be responsible for any bad use.


Normal this application is a screenshot application. But with this application you can customize your screenshot. 

For example, if you have a screenshot of the game, WhatsapApp wants to keep the screenshot in another place.

With so many benefits that you can easily understand what a screenshot took for what. This application is designed to organize your screenshot.

Exes home launcher

Guys This a very new apps for playstore. This is a launcher application that looks very nice. 

Here's a big 3D effect character you can see in the old home wallpaper. You can add text as you like and you can add banner image below on top of banner image.

 In this application you can use character as desired character. This is a very beautiful luncher.


Bowvie Weather is a simple weather app that shows you a five-day weather forecast at the tap of a button. 

You can add your favorite cities at startup after which you can just check the weather conditions by merely swiping through the app.

Top New Android Apps june 2019

Top New Android Apps june 2019

The app is free and doesn't have many fancy features. If you like the app then you can download the link below. Free Android app download


Lens DISTORTION is Photo editing application. Want to give your photos a unique touch up?

 No, I am not talking about punchy colors and dramatic cloud. Instead, Lens Distortion brings an array of effects like sun rays, glass effects, and fog to the mix.

Top New Android Apps june 2019

Top New Android Apps june 2019

you select the picture from your gallery and choose one of the effects from the library.

 If you like the app then you can download the link below. 

And those Android application available in Play StoreFree Android app download


Here are some applications released in June 2019. Friends, I always present you with this type of latest article, so If you like Top New Android Apps june 2019 Article, I'll always say one thing, if you like the article, share it with your friends.

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How to Increase Instagram Follower

How to Increase Instagram Follower | This article about how to easily increase Instagram Followers. This is simple way to increase Instagram Follower. So follow the article step by step.

Hi Guys Welcome to Website. In today I am discuss a very interesting topic. 

In today topic is How to increase Instagram Followers Free. This is Best method you can increase real Instagram follower.

In our daily life, we use social media sites. One of the best social media site is Instagram, which we all heard a lot before, and many others use it.

More friends like Facebook can be kept on the news as well as Instagram can be kept on the news.

Now it is said that how to increase your follower the fast in Instagram. So I will discuss the whole topic of this article today. 

How To Increase Follows And How To Find Real Follower Like Comments on your Instagram post.

If you want to know all these things then stay with us on this article.

How to easily increase Instagram Follower
How to increase Instagram Follower

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers ?

How to extend Instagram Followers and how to make more, Friends Instagram is a popular and powerful social media applications on which you get lots of new and fresh features, you can share photos and videos on Instagram.

You can follow your friends or other people in Instagram or you can call your friends or anyone else.

 If you upload any latest photo or video, it will come automatic next to your friends.

Even if you follow someone, their photos will show up in front of you.

You can stay connected with your friends in Instagram and chat with them.

You can chat with your friends only with your Follower or following.

These short information of Instagram will be many of you already know but this post will tell you about how to increase followers on Instagram.

Friends, as you may know, it is very very important for followers to get comments and like on Instagram post.

Because if you do not have more followers, then your Instagram post will not be like and comment.

We all know that if you share a post or video with Instagram, then you should reach your Instagram friend first.

Now there are 2 ways to increase Instagram followers. If you want to increase real follower in Instagram, you will take a lot of time.

Because you have to upload regular photos for real follower. And others will like to comment in the photo so that you will gradually increase the real flower.

The second method is to extend the automatic Instagram follower. It is the best method to increase Instagram Followers fast flow.

How to increase the follower on Instagram? New Trick 2019

Now you also want to increase your Instagram Followers, so let's talk about this method.

Many people have been thinking that how many followers can grow, so the answer is that you can increase unlimited followers on Instagram.

And by using the trick you can increase daily 1000+ Instagram followers.

But before using this Auto Follower trick, read the Full post because you use it or misuse it, your account may also be blocked.

You can increase Instagram Follower from where there are some links to some of the websites below


3 way to increase Instagram real Follower

How to easily increase Instagram Follower
How to increase Instagram Follower

The fast method is You will need to upload the regular photo to your Instagram id every day.

2 process if you want to increase your photo like that and want to grow your Instagram account quickly, then follow what I'm saying.

Your home page is as much as the post you like. There are many people in it and they will like to follow you again.

After that, there are search bars in the search bar, popular search in the search bar. Follow him after he follows him first.

After a few steps to follow, your Follower is going to increase.

 And friends, I say to you that you will not only do 200 more followers in one hour but it may be your Instagram ID problem. There is no problem again after 1 hour.

Friends, Best three methods, through these three methods, you can increase Follower, like and comment very fast in Instagram.

Every new and old Instagram user uses these methods to increase their follow-up likes comments.

How to Increase Instagram Follower
How to increase Instagram Follower


Guys I Hope If you like How to increase Instagram Followers. If you like this article so obviously share your friend. If you find this article helpful, you can make a comment down below. Thank you

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Top most powerful Android app in may 2019 | Tech Hasan Mithu

Top most powerful Android app in may 2019 | Are you looking for some new apps to play with? The Play Store has a ton of them! We got you covered with the best new Android apps in may 2019!

Hi Guys Welcome to Website. In today I am discuss a very interesting topic. In today topic is top most powerful Android app in may 2019. This top Android app. This is most Popular Android app for may 2019.

Friend Now a day thousands of applications available in the Play Store. From there I'll talk about 5 best and powerful Android apps. The applications have been released in 2019. These apps will help you in your daily life. So Guys lets talk about top most powerful Android app in may 2019.

Technology has been updated so much that we have to update. As well as updating the new application Play Store, which will help us a lot in regular life. From there we will talk about some application today.

We share these latest updates with you, and if you are a little helpful or helpful, then please make a comment and share it with your friends.

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Android app in may 2019
Android app in may 2019

Selvi — Teleprompter camera

First app is Selvi teleprompter camera. This application is very helpful for all those people who make Youtube, Facebook, Instagram video create by mobile camera.

You can write your script when using this application and you can import text file when recording. And you can create video to see the screen.

As a Youtube If you are a beginner YouTuber and want to see an incremental script, then this application is for you.

Download apk

Fluid Navigation Gestures.

This application is for all devices in which Navigation Gestures are not available.
And if they are found in many complicated, and we are not handle.

Because Xiaomi mobile left a swipe hoy rates swipe hoy. Do not generalize all of these.

So, you can customize the navigation gestures of your mobile in this application helps.

Download Apk


Day wise is notification app. If you are doing any work, the notification will be Come again and again irritated.

You can use this application. When you set the time to enter this application, you will see all the notifications in that time.

So before that time, all this application will store this application.

But if you have any useful email or whats app notification is important then you can make those weightless.

Only the necessary notifications will be available all the time and the Falut of the notification will be in time.

Download apk

Keep Trainer — Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach.

Next app is keeps home workout trainer application. With this application, workout becomes much easier.
You can watch a lot of exercise videos on this application. You can do these exercises by watching these videos.

Yes, it has paid version. So, you can learn many exercises to free through this application.

As a fitness If you want to be fit and want to exercise in time to time video then this app is for you.

Download Apk


Guys this is fully guidance for Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019. If you like this article so obviously share your friend. If you find this article helpful, you can make a comment down below. Thank you

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Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

Hi Guys Welcome to website. In today I am discuss a very interesting topic. In today topic is top 5 best Android apps for May 2019. This top Android app. This is most Popular Android app for may 2019.

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019
Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

Friend Now a day thousands of applications available in the Play Store. From there I'll talk about 5 best and useful Android apps. The applications have been released in 2019. These apps will help you in your daily life. So Guys lets talk about Top 5 Best Android Apps for May 2019.

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Through this application you can use Computer Laptop and Mobile Phone as a CCTV Cameras. 

For example You want to know what's happening in your adjacent room or want to see. Then you can keep a mobile in your room with the camera on your mobile phone that you will be able to watch through this mobile.

simply you can installed AtHome Application. And install the second device AtHome stream application and setup.

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

Now you can Click a add button. Now you just need to QR Scan, then your two devices will be connected. You can use any device as a mobile, laptop, computer as usual CCTV.

AtHome Camera: Home Security -


AtHome Video Streamer


Copy Bubble

Copy bubble is a very simple app. If you want to copy multiplayer text If you want to share WhatsApp or IMO in any other way, then this application will be helpful for you.

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

You are seeing the picture a Bubble show on the screen. When you do this tab on this Bubble you can see your copy text.

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

For example : You have to go to a website where you have to copy multiple text. But you can not copy and past again and again. Then you can use the application. When you download and install than the bubble show on your screen. 

Now all the apps you have to copy will be saved then you can copy paste wherever you are. This application is really helpful and powerful application.

Copy Bubble


Gusture Magic

Guys you want to setup guestr to open a website, application, sitting. As soon as you draw your guestr, the website or application is open. Then this application is for you.

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

Simply open the application and click on Add, you will get many options there.

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

simply i'm open my whatsapp via a gusture. If you want to add whatsapp into this application, then after a guster drow koren, then your screen will show a bubble. If you open guster and you can drow, then your set the website or application will be open.

Gusture Magic


If you want a clean photography of the product then this app is for you.
simply for example First of all open the application and after opening you can see a camera icon. Then open the screen.

Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019

Then select a picture from your gallery. You can see that some options shown below the picture are erase, magic, draw. Simply click the Magic button. Now that you paint, you paint. Then click on her button and your picture will be ready. Very Simple and powerful application. If you are photography in the product then the application is best for you.



Augmented Reality abhi developing stage me hai, lekin agar aap apne family or bacho ke saath augmented reality ka maza lena chahte hain to playstore ke upar ye application best hai. aap apane ghar me hi animals wagairah ke saath khel sakte hain.


Last Words

Guys this is fully guidance for Top 5 New and Free Android Apps for May 2019.If you like this article so obviously share your friend. If you find this article helpful, you can make a comment down below. Thank you

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What is Email Marketing? || Tech Hasan Mithu

Hello friends how are you all?

You are very welcome in another Fresh Post of Friends, you are hearing about much digital marketing in this digital era.

For example, you have heard a lot about marketing, such as digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and much more.

There are many marketing places on the internet that there are people who know a lot better.

Friends, you must also have heard about e-mail marketing, Now many people are e-mail use marketing.

And people earning a lot of money by email marketing. It great Ticks to quickly money earn.

Now you might have a question in mind 'What is email marketing?' And 'how is email marketing done'?

So, friends, we will talk about these things today in this article, and you will know how to do email marketing? How To Earn From Email Marketing? and what is Email Marketing?

So friends, let's know what is e-mail marketing, how is it done?

Instant Approval blog commenting site list

What is Email marketing?
What is Email marketing?

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is such a method by which a large company or a person can then advertise the product's advertisement via e-mail to its customers. The name of this method is email marketing.

What is email marketing? To understand this I give you a simple example. This would be an example that you could find your smartphone every day.

When you visit some website, there is a thing in it that there is a button named Subscribe to website.

When you place your e-mail address there, your email address goes to the owner of that website.

Then the owner of the website will send his product and services to your e-mail address.

people send you an email about your service or product every week and this whole process is called eMail marketing.
Friends So now we all know what is email marketing and also know how is email marketing done?

How is email marketing done?

Now another question may arise in your mind that the owner of that website will send an email to each user one by one.
Yes, so send one email to each user. Suppose100 people send their ads to him, he can send all mail at few second.

Now to send e-mail to many people, the application, named "G-mail", is used in our smartphone, it is not used for that, The separate email marketing software is used.

In addition to these, Email Marketing also requires Active Users' Email Address List.
Let Friends I tell you that what is email marketing software and what is an email list?

Email marketing software: Email marketing software is a software that allows a user to send thousands of people together at one time. MailChimp is an email marketing software that is used by many companies.

Email list: This is a list of email addresses of many active users. This list is used to send email to people on their email address.

In addition to email marketing software and email list, there is another important thing that is the theme, If your theme is beautiful then your products can be sold very quickly.

 Your theme should be designed in such a way that people like you and come to buy your products.

So friends are email marketing by using these 3 apps: email marketing software, email list, email theme With the help of email marketing software, you can also decide how many emails are sent in a day or a week.

Friends All of us go to what is email marketing? Is eMail marketing done like this? Now in the last few days, we know that what are the benefits of email marketing?

Benefits of Email Marketing

Friends email marketing has many advantages, whether it comes from email marketing to more visitors to your website or blog.

With email marketing you can get visitors through the internet at your online shop. The advantage is that people who buy your online products will buy via email. The second benefit is that you can generate traffic on your online websites via email.

Another advantage is that if you sell another website products, suppose Amazon. Then you get commission from Amazon and secondly people will come to your website via e-mail.

Friends, there are many more advantages to email marketing, but at the same time for the same.

Friends, I hope that after reading this post you must know what is email marketing? How is email marketing done? And we have to understand that what is the benefit of email marketing? If you liked this post then definitely share it with your friends.

How to submit your website to all search engines?

Last Words

Guys this is fully guidance for email marketing for beginner. In this article I told you what email marketing is getting from email marketing and how to do email marketing and how to do it. it is a short article about what is Email Marketing? If you like this article so obviously share your friend. If you find this article helpful, you can make a comment down below. Thank you

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{2019 Update}200+ Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites

Hey Guys, How are you? Hope you are well. In today's post, I will tell you how you can create 200+ Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Sites from high quality Blacklinks  for your website or your blog post. If you want to know about this topic, then stay with the post

Type of Backlinks?

  • Nofollow BackLink
  • Dofollow BackLink

NoFollow BackLink – 

Then the owner of that post will be in the hand, he will link to the website DoFollow and NoFollow.

Again, NoFollow Backlinks are available in another way, example, if you make a comment on any website, the options above will be email, name, website, and comment. 

If you paste your website link in the another website then a NoFollow link will be created for your site.

NoFollow backlinks are not working for your website ranking. Usually, a webmaster uses the nofollow tag when it links out to and unreliably site.

Example: Links to comments on other blogs.

So, friends, I have told you DoFollow backlinks are rank on your website and your Seo advance but NoFollow does not help you with backlinks.

 Your blog is not ranking your Seo advance. This is all about DoFollow Instant Approval Blog commenting site.

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list 2019 | Tech Hasan Mithu
100+ Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites

I mean to say that nofollow backlinks do not make any difference to your blog's Website ranking in Google.

So does it mean that you should only make do follow backlinks and not make nofollow backlinks?

Friends believe do follow backlinks are best for SEO and weekly rank in Google but you can not fully ignore nofollow backlinks.

Because Nofollow Backlinks need a lot for your website and if you ignore nofollow backlinks then your blog's SEO will get worse. Friend believe me.

Nofollow links simply Search Engine bots do not visit this link. Only User can follow these links.

Suppose you are a new blogger. and you create a new blog right now.

Now Google, Bing how to know that you have created a blog.

 For this, you'll need to add your blog sitemap to Google Search Console and bing webmaster tool.

When you submit a sitemap, google spider. They worked, go to your website and scan whatever data is your website will crawling your blog website and index your site.

 So that any reader can find you easily in the search engine.

If you want to hide it from Google bots, you can use the Nofollow or Noindex tag. Now let's go to NoFollow Links, if you want to hide a link from Google bots,

 then you can give this link to Nofollow link. Google bots do not crawl that link, so you can easily keep a link away from Google.

This is the meaning of Nofollow Backlinks. You can easily give Backlinks to another website, or prevent other websites from getting Backlink.

There is a no follow the link -

<a href=””rel=”No Follow”>Link Text</a>

Dofollow BackLink – Guy's You can says DoFollow Backlink second name is premium Backlink. 

Dofollow backlink under comes Guest post, article submission, Web 2.O Directory, Dofollow comments. Through this method, you can create DoFollow Backlinks.

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites

How to Work Dofollow BackLinks?.

Guys Because of Do Follow Backlinks, visitors come to your website from other websites. And through DoFollow backlinks, your website will rank very fast in Google.

And because of these Backlinks, your website or your article is shown in Google search engine, then any user can actually come to your site. 

This way traffic to your website will increase. Do Follow Backlinks is very important for ranking.

Guys In today's post, I will talk about some sites where you can get DoFollow Black for your website.

The sites I talk about-about the site will be very powerful or And from these sites you can create DoFollow backlinks very quickly and easily.

There are some sites where you just create your own profile, your DoFollow backlinks will be created.


Looking for the instant approval blog sites list on the internet? No Worries!

What is profile backlinks? and How to Create profile backlinks?

If the profile is backlinks, if you go to another website and create a profile there, a backlink will be created and that is DoFollow backlinks.

To create Profile Backlinks, you will first be signed up on that website and then a blank profile will be created.

Then you have to give some details and you will find a website box below where your website links pest this box and then save, 

then one of your backlinks will be created.
Profile backlinks create is very simple and very quickly.

 You can get many benefits from the profile backlinks. Because profile Backlinks create only DoFollow Backlinks, not NoFollow.

What is commenting Backlinks? How to create Commenting Blacklinks?

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites

Commenting is one of the best create Blacklinks. Through comments, you can create DoFollow Backlinks.

commenting blacklinks are needed for you to go to another site and make a nice comment about his article, then you can make DoFollow blacklinks.

You can rank your article on Google's 1st page by commenting. It is the realy amazing trick to rank your site. Every new blogger also uses this trick.

This is because all the new bloggers can not rank fast in Google, so they need commenting blacklinks. The list of DoFollow Instant Approval Blog commenting site.

Now let’s get into the topic “How to Create Backlinks from Blog Commenting

How to Create Backlinks from Blog Commenting

Commenting on another good  and best option for creating a backlink for any post of your blog.

To comment, you need to give proper details such as name, email, and the url you want to create Blacklinks for posting.

As shown here in the picture :

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites

  • Enter your Comment: Make a comment that matches the post. Do a similar comment. So that admin of your post approves your comment. So that you can take a Blacklinks from there.
  • Name: Here you have to enter your name, do not use anybody's name at any time, it can be a lot of problems, use your name all the time.
  • Email: Here you have to enter your mail address.
  • website: If you want to promote your own website or promote your website in the place of the website, then use the link that will be removed.

List of Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Sites

Number Website DA
1 90

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Sites and Profile blacklinks Sites List:-

Number Website DA
1 DA
2 DA
3 DA
4 DA
5 DA
6 DA
7 DA
8 DA
9 DA
10 DA
11 DA
12 DA
13 DA
14 DA
15 DA
16 DA
17 DA
18 DA
19 DA
20 DA
21 DA
22 DA
23 DA
24 DA
25 DA
26 DA
27 DA
28 DA
29 DA
30 DA
31 DA
32 DA
33 DA
34 DA
35 DA
36 DA
37 DA
38 DA
39 DA
40 DA
41 DA
42 DA
43 DA
44 DR
45 DR
46 DR
47 DR
48 DR
49 DR
50 DR
51 DR
52 DR
53 DR
54 DR
55 DR
56 DR
57 DR
58 DR
59 DR
60 DR
61 DR
62 DR
63 DR
64 DR
65 DR
66 DR
67 DR
68 DR
69 DR
70 DR
71 DR

Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Commenting Sites list



Blog Commenting Sites FAQs

There is most popular blog Commenting site FAQs. If you dont know about so Read continue.

How can I Get free Backlinks?

  1. Blog Commenting Sites
  2. Search Engine Submission
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Social Bookmarking Sites
  5. High PR Image Sharing Sites
  6. High DA Profile Creation Sites
  7. Ping Submission
  8. Analyze your Competitors backlinks
  9. Ask your friends for Backlink
  10. Guest Posting
If you have more information so visit this website click here to Blogging Qna.

DoFollow Commenting Sites?

There are lots of blog commenting sites available on the internet, if you are looking for dofollow commenting sites then On top of this I gave some site list, from there you can create DoFollow blacklinks By Commenting.

What is high quality Blacklinks?

A high quality Blacklinks is increase you Blog ranking and increase domain authority. The website has a higher authority that links to your site and Google's website is very much the same. Then it will be known as a high quality backlink.

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting is simple method to Increase your Blacklinks. Blog commenting is to create Blacklinks for your website with your own website.

Auto approve blog commenting site?

There are many big websites that get approved with your comments as well. In most cases, commenting on large websites is a comment pending. 

Only comment on the admin general accept when it is commented. But there are many websites on the internet where you will get your general approval immediately. This method is named auto approve blog commenting site.

Do Follow Commenting Sites?

There are lots of blog commenting sites available on the internet, if you want to follow the comments to the site, then look at the comments above mentioned sites which will follow the backlinks for your site.

DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks?

This is one of the most asked questions is what is DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks? Now I am telling this topic. NoFollow backlinks is not follow Google boats. NoFollow backlinks only follow user and DoFollow blacklinks follow Google boats. And crawl your article and ranking your article Google top fasting.

This most popular website. These websites DA PA are very high. You can easily take a blacklink from here. It is the best method to increase Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Sites.


This latest  200+ Dofollow Instant Approval Blog Sites. This article is helpful. If you like this article so do share this post your social media site and share your friends. Thank you.