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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review

  Hasan Mithu       Sunday, April 21, 2019
Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review
Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review

Features of Mi Router 4C:

  • Four high gain antenna for strong signal and quick transmission.
  • 64MB capacity for up to 64 smart devices accession.
  • Intelligent speed limit function for faster performance.
  • Intelligent network watching function for ensuring network security.
  • Smart management function for remote control.
  • Brief appearance for various home-style integration.


Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review This is Xiaomi Mi 4C Wireless Router comes with 64MB of onboard memory and Besides this a smart APP management. This an amazing router of low price.

This router looks like xiaomi 3c.  This router has not been upgraded so much.

If you want to control the router, you will need an Android app and to download this Android app, you will get a manual paper with the router and that scan will download an app.

This router will get 4 animators that were in xiaomi 3c. And on the back of this router, you can see two pot.

One is an internet pot and the second is Reset pot. Hey, the router has not been upgraded, and secondly, it's pricing as well.

If you look at the front of the router then you can see that there is 2 LED indicator. 2 LED Indicator one button in power button.

This router wire is very small. It can be very difficult for you to keep your router's power supply a lot, then get it in your router.

Now let's check the router's speed. Everyone knows that the speed is very good From near the router and I will talk about the speed from the distance.

I will now keep my router 25 feet away, which will come across the internet by crossing the four walls.

Below there is a picture in the photo you can see 25 feet away, how about my internet speed.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review
Download Speed test 25 feet away

It was seen that its speed is 25 feet far better. 25 feet away and a speed of just 8 MB less than the four walls.

The Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Very good router, it is so far from good speed available. It is an amazing router for a low price.

And this router upload speed is much better for long distance.

Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review
Uploading Spreed test for 25 feet Away

And uploading speed is not bad. It has improved the light from xiaomi 3c.

If you want, you can buy it below, I am giving it a link to the down below, you can buy a discount from it. Very nice router and this router spread quality are better.

If you have tested this router, you can watch this router's test video on YouTube, there are many videos on YouTube.

It's a great router. Buy it once and see. If you buy now then you will get the discount but you will not get the discount.

Normally, speed checks from the work of the router, it is known to all that good speed is available.

But I've seen your pictures from the distance on the speed you can test it or you can watch it on YouTube's test video.

Normally, I'm using it many times. It's a very good router so you can buy it if you want it.

So, friends, this is a small review article. If you do not understand anything after reading the article, then I can take a look at the video link below.

video link: You can see this video and understand this article.

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Last Words

This latest  Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review. This product is helpful and best for a low price. If you like this article so obviously share your social media site and share your friends. Thank you.

Thanks for reading Xiaomi Mi Router 4C Wireless Router 300Mbps Review

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