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Google Dorks – Guys If you know Google Dorks, I am sure You’ve heard of Google Dorks at some time. If you have not heard this today, I will discuss with you what is google dorks? And how to work Google dorks?

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What is Google Dorks :

Google dorks mean advanced search in google. You can filter out searched keywords by doing it in Google at Dorks. With Google dorks, you can easily search any type of information, file, PDF, data, song, movies, etc In Google search engine. It filters the search engine’s data and tells the same things you have asked Google. Now I am telling you an example –

For example, if you want to see Google’s Tech Hasan Mithu site’s data and want to see what pages are available on this site, And you can see which links are available on this site and And what kind of site that posted.

 So you can write in Google’s search engine bar “site:techhasanmithu” or Then Google search engine will filter your searches with the help of Google Dorks Techhasanmithu keywords will tell you all the pages and links. You can help google dorks only see keywords is not Even you can see paid software, movies, web-series, hidden or secret files.

Google dorks come in different keywords to see all these things. You have been given a Google Dorks list below.

What exactly is a google dork?

Google dorks could search question that uses advanced searched operators to seek out data that’s not promptly on the market on a website.

The results came back by the google misfit queries are a unit unremarkable tough to find through straight forward search queries. Therefore these queries are a unit employed by hackers to search out advanced information regarding web sites that aren’t meant for public viewing, resulting is simply got website under abilities.

Use of Google Dorks :

With Google dorks, cybersecurity, IT field, or hacker is used to learn loopholes or vulnerability from any website. With the help of Google hacking, you can get access to any website’s hidden data or secret file.

With the help of Google dorks, the hacker can take out details of credit card, CC, Bins from your website, if that site is vulnerable, but all this is some time cases.

List of Google Dorks :

There are around 16 Google dorks on Google dorks list. All of these dorks are used to different-different data filtering. Example  –

The use of “inurl” dorks is used to find the keyword in any URL.
The use of “intitle” dorks is used to find a keyword in the title of any site’s page.
The use of “site” dork is used to find the specific site’s content or pages.
Google Dorks | Google Dorks list

There are also many Google dorks whose list is given in the images. You can see the image and use the Google Dorks list.
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The Google dork list has all the dorks of these is basic. Advanced Google dorks are very dangerous, you can hacking any website with use advanced dorks. Or you can see the hidden data of those websites.
But Friends, our website is not meant to teach you hacking, we do not support hacking.  This article is written just to give you an idea. If you hack someone’s website or data using that benefit dork, then you are responsible for our site, no responsibility will be taken. I hope you have understood.


So, Guy, it is all about Google Dorks and Google Dorks list. If you a short article about this subject. If you like this article so do comment and do share your friend. Thank you

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