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      Meta Tag Generator for Blogger







Meta Tag Implement Steps

  1. Step 1- Firstly in this page you will see the Meta Tag Generator Tool.
  2. Step 2- Now, in these tools, write the name of your blog at tittle and write your name in place of the author.
  3. Step 3- Now you have to copy the description of your blog in the description and paste it here.
  4. Step 4- Now you have to copy and paste the Meta description of your blog in place of the keywords. And to do all the Robots.
  5. Step 5- Now you have to click on Create Meta Tags. Now you will get an HTML code in the box below. Copy this code.
  6. Step 6- Now you have to go to Blogger's Dashboard and click on theme and click Edit HTML.
  7. Step 7- Now you have to paste the code copied below the <head> tag and save it.