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Topmost powerful Android app in may 2019 | Are you looking for some new apps to play with? The Play Store has a ton of them! We got you covered with the best new Android apps in May 2019!

Hi, Guys Welcome to Website. Today I am discussing a very interesting topic. In today topic is topmost powerful Android app in May 2019. This top Android app. This is the most popular Android app for May 2019.

Friend Now a day thousands of applications available in the Play Store. From there I’ll talk about 5 best and powerful Android apps. The applications have been released in 2019. These apps will help you in your daily life. So, Guys, let’s talk about the topmost powerful Android app in May 2019.

Technology has been updated so much that we have to update. As well as updating the new application Play Store, which will help us a lot in regular life. From there we will talk about some application today.

We share these latest updates with you, and if you are a little helpful or helpful, then please make a comment and share it with your friends.

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Android app in may 2019
Android app in May 2019

Selvi — Teleprompter camera

The first app is Selvi teleprompter camera. This application is very helpful for all those people who make Youtube, Facebook, Instagram video create by mobile camera.

You can write your script when using this application and you can import text file when recording. And you can create a video to see the screen.

As a Youtube If you are a beginner YouTuber and want to see an incremental script, then this application is for you.

Fluid Navigation Gestures.

This application is for all devices in which Navigation Gestures are not available.
And if they are found in many complicated, and we are not handling.

Because Xiaomi mobile left swipe hoy rates to swipe hoy. Do not generalize all of these.

So, you can customize the navigation gestures of your mobile in this application helps.


Day wise is a notification app. If you are doing any work, the notification will be Come again and again irritated.

You can use this application. When you set the time to enter this application, you will see all the notifications in that time.

So before that time, all this application will store this application.

But if you have any useful email or what’s app notification is important then you can make those weightless.

Only the necessary notifications will be available all the time and the Fault of the notification will be in time.

Keep Trainer — Workout Trainer & Fitness Coach.
Next app keeps home workout trainer application. With this application, the workout becomes much easier.
You can watch a lot of exercise videos on this application. You can do these exercises by watching these videos.

Yes, it has paid version. So, you can learn many exercises to free through this application.

As a fitness If you want to be fit and want to exercise in time to time video then this app is for you.

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