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You are very welcome in another Fresh Post of techhasanmithu.info. Friends, you are hearing about much digital marketing in this digital era.

For example, you have heard a lot about marketing, such as digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and much more.

There are many marketing places on the internet that there are people who know a lot better.

Friends, you must also have heard about e-mail marketing, Now many people are e-mail use marketing.

And people earning a lot of money by email marketing. It great Ticks to quickly money earn.

Now you might have a question in mind ‘What is email marketing?’ And ‘how is email marketing done’?

So, friends, we will talk about these things today in this article, and you will know how to do email marketing? How To Earn From Email Marketing? and what is Email Marketing?

So friends, let’s know what is e-mail marketing, how is it done?

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What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is such a method by which a large company or a person can then advertise the product’s advertisement via e-mail to its customers. The name of this method is email marketing.

What is email marketing? To understand this I give you a simple example. This would be an example that you could find your smartphone every day.
When you visit some website, there is a thing in it that there is a button named Subscribe to website.

When you place your e-mail address there, your email address goes to the owner of that website.

Then the owner of the website will send his product and services to your e-mail address.

people send you an email about your service or product every week and this whole process is called eMail marketing.
Friends So now we all know what is email marketing and also know-how is email marketing done?

How is email marketing done?

Now another question may arise in your mind that the owner of that website will send an email to each user one by one.
Yes, so send one email to each user. Suppose100 people send their ads to him, he can send all mail at few second.

Now to send e-mail to many people, the application, named “G-mail”, is used in our smartphone, it is not used for that, The separate email marketing software is used.

In addition to these, Email Marketing also requires Active Users’ Email Address List.
Let Friends I tell you that what is email marketing software and what is an email list?
Email marketing software: Email marketing software is a software that allows a user to send thousands of people together at one time. MailChimp is an email marketing software that is used by many companies.

Email list: This is a list of email addresses of many active users. This list is used to send email to people on their email address.
In addition to email marketing software and email list, there is another important thing that is the theme, If your theme is beautiful then your products can be sold very quickly.

 Your theme should be designed in such a way that people like you and come to buy your products.

So friends are email marketing by using these 3 apps: email marketing software, email list, email theme With the help of email marketing software, you can also decide how many emails are sent in a day or a week.

Friends All of us go to what is email marketing? Is eMail marketing done like this? Now in the last few days, we know that what are the benefits of email marketing?

Benefits of Email Marketing

Friends email marketing has many advantages, whether it comes from email marketing to more visitors to your website or blog.

With email marketing, you can get visitors through the internet at your online shop. The advantage is that people who buy your online products will buy via email. The second benefit is that you can generate traffic on your online websites via email.
Another advantage is that if you sell other website products, suppose Amazon. Then you get a commission from Amazon and secondly people will come to your website via e-mail.

Friends, there are many more advantages to email marketing, but at the same time for the same.

Friends, I hope that after reading this post you must know what is email marketing? How is email marketing done? And we have to understand that what is the benefit of email marketing? If you liked this post then definitely share it with your friends.

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Last Words

Guys this is fully guidance for email marketing for a beginner. In this article, I told you what email marketing is getting from email marketing and how to do email marketing and how to do it. it is a short article about what is Email Marketing? If you like this article so obviously share your friend. If you find this article helpful, you can make a comment down below. Thank you

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